Anna Petrova

Project Earth – The Blue Chapter

Iris Trio Project Earth Blue Chapter

With this project, the Iris Trio (Christine Carter, Zoë Martin-Doike, Anna Petrova) strive to illuminate the impact of human behaviour on the environment, addressing issues of climate change, pollution, habitat degradation, and biodiversity loss, while simultaneously giving centre stage to the immense beauty and wonder found in nature. It recognizes the power of our collective […]


album cover HERS

Comprised entirely of works by female composers, “HERS” vibrantly celebrates the vision, strength, resilience, and vital contributions of the female sex throughout history. Through musical storytelling, the Carr-Petrova Duo leads its listeners through the inspirations, battles, and incredible accomplishments of ten fearless women – from the 12th century’s Hildegard Von Bingen to today’s Beyoncé – […]

Slavic Heart

Anna Petrova - Slavic Heart

“The heart is an ancestral metaphor: throughout human history, it has been thought of as a thing of paramount value, representing both literally and figuratively the core of a person; their essence. Slavic Heart is one of the most personal projects I have brought into this world. It is autobiographical and represents my journey both […]

Novel Voices

Carr-Petrova Duo 'Novel Voices'

Within this album live several novel voices, and they are novel for many different reasons. Khachaturian, the Armenian working in Moscow, who emerged victorious from the shackles of official state censorship; Clarke, a British female composer working in the United States, who – whilst writing in a male-dominated world – gifted the planet with a […]

The Soldier’s Tale – Suite / Octet / Les Noces

The three works on this recording were composed at a crucial juncture in Stravinsky’s musical life. The Soldier’s Tale, a small-scale theatrical work for instrumental septet, narrator and two speakers completed in 1918. It is performed here in the suite premièred in 1920. The Octet marked a new element in Stravinsky’s writing, inaugurating a turn to neo-classicism, whilst Les […]

Homage and Inspiration

Iris Trio Homage and Inspiration

The Iris Trio pairs works by Schumann and Mozart with modern tributes to these masterpieces by György Kurtág and Christof Weiss on Homage and Inspiration, their debut album. Comprised of three outstanding musicians – clarinetist Christine Carter, violist Molly Carr, and pianist Anna Petrova – who first came together in New York City during their years at the Juilliard School and the Manhattan School of […]